“Now you can call and stay in touch with your loved ones in USA / Canada more often (unlimited talk time) for less than the price of a cup of Starbucks coffee every month”

Even if you find it hard to say I love you to them, call them more frequently and they'll know that you do love them!

***** NOW AVAILABLE!  The NEW MagicJack PLUS!  No need for computer.
To order immediately, call 09175102258 or (02) 215-6593.

Dear Friend,

If you are interested in staying in touch with your loved ones in the States or Canada more often, and call them more frequently, then this will be the most important easy-to-use gadget you'll ever get.

No kidding.  Even a grandma can use it!

Read on.

Magicjack allows you make UNLIMITED to call States and Canada (can call landline or cellphone) for only $35 per YEAR.

Yep, that's right.

Parang less than 160 pesos a month lang, unlimited na calls mo sa US and Canada.  Landline or Cellphone, pwede mong tawagan UNLIMITED.

Nasa states or Canada ba ang nanay mo?  Tatay mo?  Boyfriend or girlfriend mo?  Kapatid mo?  Bestfriend?

Kahit maghapon, magdamag, magtelebabad kayo hanggang magsawa kayo.

Imagine lahat ng tsismis na pag-uusapan ninyo... mga bihirang I love you's nyo, mapapadalas na!

Ang okay pa jan, magkakaroon ka pa ng sarili mong USA phone number!  So pwede ka rin nila tawagan.

Yep, you've read it right.

You can call them, and they can call you din!  Ayos diba?

Kelangan nyo lang ng magicjack device.

The NEW magicJack Plus -- may be used with or WITHOUT a computer.
     The OLD regular magicJack -- computer required.

The picture above shows you the new model, the MagicJack PLUS -- can be attached to a computer OR a router (no need for computer) ; and the old model, Regular MagicJack.

Benefits of using the magicJack:

  • Unlimited Calls to mainland USA and Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska
    • Yep, telebabad all you can, and telebabad all you want.
    • Any land line number, any cellphone number, any area code, pwede mo tawagan!

  • Your very own USA Phone Number
    • You can call them, and they can call you as well
    • You're here in the Philippines, yet it's as if you're in the states because they call a local USA number.

  • Voicemail (or answering machine)
    • No more missed calls.
    • No need to turn your computer on all the time.
    • If your computer is off, they can leave a message.
    • And you'll receive the message in your email.
    • Listen with Windows Media Player. Very convenient!

  • Very cheap calls to all other countries, other than USA and Canada
    • Like calling Hong Kong, China, Singapore, etc.. only $0.02 (2 cents lang!) per minute!  (like 1 peso in philippine currency).
    • you may check the list of rates for other countries, just click here.

  • Very portable
    • Use it anywhere!  As long as you have the computer and an internet connection.
    • Bring it abroad
      • if your hotel room has an internet connection, and you're bringing your laptop, you can use it there.
    • Bring it to the mall (or use it in the car)
      • if you have a portable internet connection (example: wifi, SmartBro, Globe Tattoo, etc), you can use it there as well.

How do I use the magicJack?
And how does it work?

Very simple.

The following pictures illustrate how you'll use the REGULAR MagicJack (older model), or if you wish to use the MagicJack PLUS on a computer.  Pareho lang sila kung sa computer mo gagamitin.

To know more about how to use the NEW MagicJack PLUS direct to a router, watch the video on top of this website.

Insert the magicJack into a USB Port on your Computer.

plug a telephone handset UNIT into the magicJack.

Check if it's "Ready to Call"

Lift the handset and directly dial directly

See, it's so easy -- it's so simple, even a grandma can use it!

Question...  Can I use Headsets?

You can also use headsets.

So yes, you can use headsets! -- this is for computer usage.

Actually, you can also use the built-in speakers and built-in mic of your laptop (if your computer has built-in mic and speakers).  So pwede mo din gawin speaker phone!

Ang galing, diba?

Kaya magicJack is so portable.  You can bring it anywhere!  If you bring your computer in your car, or abroad, and dala mo yung magicJack mo, you can even use it there!

Okay, okay, I’m convinced that this works.
But the biggest question would be

How much is the MagicJack?

I have nothing to hide.  Not even price issues.

Of course you're aware that you can always go to the states and buy them there at cheaper price if that's what you're after.

But are you really willing to fly 8,000 miles, buy your magicJack there, pay for shipping to the Philippines, pick it up from your post office (minsan hirap pa mag-park), then deal with the customs for the duties and taxes?

Yes, kahit isa lang ang bibilhin mo, may duties and taxes parin yun.  And mas maraming hassle yun.

Then after doing that, who will help you with the installation?  And who will take care of your warranty?  And pag may problem, sino ang tatawagan at tatanungin mo?

Konting difference lang naman ang matitipid mo kung gagawin mo yun.  Why bother with all those hassles?

But I'm sure you're a lot wiser than that.

And I trust you realize that paying for this little extra will go a long way and eliminate most of the usual hassles.  Wouldn't that be so much worth it?

So to be frank with you, these magicJacks are not very cheap -- but they're very affordable.

The NEW magicJack Plus -- may be used with or WITHOUT a computer.
The new model, the
MagicJack PLUS,
is only Php 6,000

nalang! (price as of
January 2018)

The OLD regular magicJack -- computer required.
The old model, the
regular MagicJack,
is only Php 3,000

* The regular MagicJack
(old model) is by order basis,
depending on availability.

Yan lang ang total initial cash out mo.  Nothing more, nothing less.

And year after that, kung gusto mo pa extend, another $35 lang a year.

That is, kung gusto mo pang ituloy.  Kung after a year, ayaw mo na, pwede mo nang hindi bayaran yung $35.  Ang maganda sa magicJack, walang Lock-in period.  Walang contracts.  Walang holding periods.

Anytime na ayaw mo na gamitin, pwedeng hindi mo na bayaran yung susunod na $35 per year.  And kung gusto mo na ulit gamitin, if less than one month inactive pa lang ang magicJack mo, pwede mo ulit gamitin at i-renew for another full year.  

Walang mawawala sayo.

Sulit diba.

Why are we selling them at a little higher price compared to others?

Kasi we got everything covered for you.  The warranty (30 days replacement warranty, 12 months service warranty), the technical support, the delivery (or local pick-up), and some help with the installation (by phone, or in person if applicable).

This will also ASSURE you that after a year, you will be able to renew your magicJack easily.

Marami kasi mga nagiging customers lately na bumili dati ng magicJack nila sa iba.  And ngayon, hindi nila ma-renew yung mga lumang magicJack nila.  So i
nstead na nakatipid sila, nadoble pa tuloy ang gastos nila.  Yan ang iiwasan natin for you.

Pero yung mga bumili sa amin, walang naging problema sa renewal (sometimes, after a few adjustments).

Kaya yung iba, bumili nalang ulit sila sa amin.

Convenience, fast delivery (or pick-up), and all the peace of mind.

Seriously, if any other sellers of magicJack can give you the same excellent service we give you at a lower price, then go for them.

Yet undeniably, the service we share with you is what sets us apart from other sellers of magicJack.  This same excellent service we deliver is also why plenty of our customers always refer new other customers to us, and also keep coming back to us to buy more units as gifts to friends.

1548 units sold to 1427 different customers
(and still counting, as of November 30, 2017).

More referrals coming, and more repeat orders coming.

With that many satisfied customers, how can you go wrong?

Okay, okay... I’m convinced... So...

How do I get it?

You have three options:


1.  Local Pick-up

Pasay City, Metro Manila


You can visit us in our home-office to pick up your MagicJack.  Or, you can also ask someone (maybe your personal messenger, or a friend) to visit us and pick it up for you.

It's along Taft Ave., in between Libertad LRT Station and Cartimar Shopping Center entrance.  Our compound has a Red Gate.  In front of our compound there is an Asia United Bank.

You'll also see an Electron Technical beside the Red Gate.  Ask the Guard where Apartment Y-1 is.  Look for Anthony / Tonton.

Please contact me first BEFORE coming so I can surely assist you.


For clearer instructions on how you can get here, below is a sketch:

Sketch to Demo and Pick-up place in Pasay City

Our complete pick-up address is:

Anthony Pena
L.T. Sy Compound, Apt. Y-1
2308 Taft Ave., Pasay City
1304 Philippines


2.  By courier [usually by LBC] (Additional Php 200 lang)

No worries, no hassles.

Highly recommended for provincial orders.


Air21 / Fedex DeliveryLBC Delivery

Whether you're from metro manila or from a different province, and would like to order one, just add 100 pesos lang and it shall be delivered by LBC (or Air21, or 2go, or JRS Express -- whichever is available).  Payment is done by deposit to my bank account or G-Cash.

The bank account details are:

Banco De Oro Bank Deposit
Banco De Oro (BDO)

Libertad-Taft Branch
Anthony Pena
Current Account

BPI Bank Deposit

Pasay Cartimar Branch
Anthony Pena
Savings Account

Metrobank Bank Deposit


Buendia-Taft Branch
Anthony Pena
Savings Account

G-Cash Payment

you may send it to my Globe Mobile Number at 09175102258.


As soon as we confirm your payment, text or email us your complete name and mailing address so we can send it to you.

We’ll also provide you with the tracking number so you can call them up and ask about the whereabouts of your package.


Again, No worries, no hassles.



3.  Cash on Delivery (COD)

(Available within Metro Manila)


We understand that you might be on a tight schedule, and you don’t like the hassle of going to the bank yourself, getting in line, and doing the deposit yourself.  So we made this option available to you.


Just call us and book a delivery schedule, and you can just pay him as soon as he personally delivers your items to you. 

We’ll just have a very small delivery charge, just enough to cover for messenger delivery costs and messenger time, depending on your location.

Whichever of the three options you choose, I'd be happy to provide you with utmost customer service and technical support.

Alright!  Now I’m excited and I’m ready to try this one out now!

So what do I do now?


Pick up the phone and call me now at (02) 215-6593 or 09175102258.

Order your magicJack PLUS today and start your USA and Canada telebabad UNLIMITED!

*** In case you can't reach us in those phone numbers (probably because of the many callers inquiring), you may also reach me or any of my teammates through the following numbers:

(02) 215-6593 [Globe Duo Landline]
(02) 964-2150 [Globe Duo Landline]

09175102257 [Globe]
09175102258 [Globe]

1-626-789-7055 for USA, Canada and International Orders
magicjack@phjack.com [Email] for USA,Canada and International Orders

I’d be very happy to assist you, and I'm looking forward to helping you save plenty of money with your phone bills.

Thank you, and God bless you!

Anthony Pena
magicJack PLUS distributor

mobile (philippines) 63.917.510.2258
office (philippines)
office (usa magicjack) 1.626.789.7055
email magicjack@phjack.com


Maybe you have more questions about it.  Maybe simply you just want more details.  Feel free to call me at 09175102258 -- and I’d be happy to assist you and answer all of your questions.

*** In case you can't reach us in those phone numbers (probably because of the many callers inquiring), you may also reach me or any of my teammates through the following numbers:

(02) 215-6593 [Globe Duo Landline]
(02) 964-2150 [Globe Duo Landline]

09175102257 [Globe]
09175102258 [Globe]

1-626-789-7055 for USA, Canada and International Orders
magicjack@phjack.com [Email] for USA,Canada and International Orders

P.P.S., I'd also be happy to demo it to you.  I'd like to invite you to visit us so we can show you how it is used.

.P.S., Sorry, the old model of magicJack (the regular that runs on the computer only) is no longer available (as of July 15, 2012).  This has been out of production and has been phased out by the manufacturers.


Contents of MagicJack PLUS

MagicJack PLUS Front 2  MagicJack PLUS Back 2

MagicJack PLUS

Contents of MagicJack Regular

MagicJack Regular Front 2  MagicJack Regular Back 2