Our Recent Experience with the Bureau of Customs Forced us to do Some Price Changes

*** Issue has been resolved ***

Dear Friends,

I'm very happy to announce that the price issues has been resolved, and we were able to bring the price back down to Php 3,000 per unit (because we raised it to Php 3,200 each last December 7, 2009 ; see below for the whole information and details).

We just sacrificed the packaging.  See this picture.

Packaging Modification

Yep.  We just sacrificed the original bulky packaging.

Kung sabagay, tinatapon lang naman yung packaging eh, diba?  Ang important naman is magamit natin ng maayos ang magicJack.

And of course, these units are still brand new and you'll be the one to activate it.  Para full one year mo magagamit at mae-enjoy ang magicJack mo.

Again, aside from the packaging, everything else stays the same.  Brand new units, and just like before, utmost customer service and technical support from yours truly.

To those who have read my story before, and to those who helped me through my "dark ages" with those "people in power", I just wanna say thank you very much.  And as always, I really, really appreciate being able to be of service to you.   And thanks for your support -- morally or otherwise.

And as always, if there's anything else I can help you with, or if you happen to know of anyone that you feel magicjack would be of good use to them, feel free to give me a call and let me know.  I'd be very happy to do my best to help and be of service to you and your friends.

Again, for the Nth time, thank you, thank you very much! =D

Very sincerely yours,
Anthony Pena
magicjack distributor

mobile (philippines) 63.917.510.2258
office (philippines)
office (usa magicjack) 1.626.789.7055
email magicjack@phjack.com

*** Original Story follows ***

Dear friend,

Before anything else, I just wanna say thank you.


Thank you very much for your trust and support as you purchased your magicjack from me.  I really appreciate you for that, from the bottom of my heart.  I've never written an email like this before.  And I pray to God that I will never write one like this again.

Let me tell you the story behind the story...

About a month ago, FedEx called me regarding my latest magicjack import.  Sabi nila, the customs held my package because I needed clearance from NTC.

I researched heavily, and even asked a very good electronics engineer friend of mine to help me check whether this really is required.  Based on our research, according to Philippine Telecommunication Laws, hindi naman kelangan ng special permits for this device -- simply because this is just a computer accessory.

So we said this to the customs examiner...

The sad part is, she's still insisting that I secure such permits.  We argued and proved our point -- yet she still insisted.

Talagang makulit...

yun pala, humihingi lang ng lagay.  A friend of mine who does customs brokerage says this is their ultimate tactic pag gusto ka nila hanapan ng butas (kahit wala naman) para makahuthot sila.

this made me sad...  very sad...

kasi, this is what keeps our country corrupt.  I'm not a very big fan of bribing just for the sake of convenience.  I mean, who is, right?  actually, I don't like doing bribes at all.

But the story only gets worse...

my investment / capital money would be at risk if I didn't do so.  They will simply hold my shipment, and I will simply lose my entire money.  They have the choice (and the power) not to release it -- and just "confiscate" it -- it's that simple.

Siyempre, pinag-hirapan din natin ang puhunan natin -- at ayaw naman natin mawala yun bigla diba.  isipin nyo nalang, 50 pieces of magicjack times how much it sells each -- magkano halaga non at magkano puhunan non.  Siyempre hindi ganun ka-daling ibale-wala yun...

So despite my reservations, I was left with no choice...

I had to give in.  Kesa naman kainin lang nila puhunan ko.

Terrible.  Just terrible.

Ang pinaka-nakakalungkot jan, these customs people think they're leeching money from rich businessmen -- pero ang totoo, with other commodities, what these business people do is to just raise the prices so they can recover from their loses with the customs people.  So in effect, si Juan Dela Cruz ang ultimately affected, at kay Juan Dela Cruz sila nagnanakaw.

Pasintabi lang po, kung meron mang taga-customs na makakabasa nito.  Hindi ko naman po nilalahat.  Pero talagang hindi natin maiwasan, lalo na kung iba sa atin ay nasa katungkulan, minsan talagang umaabuso.  I'm sure hindi ikaw yun, kaya alam ko din na maiintindihan mo ako.

I know this is not a very good justification.  Pero I believe any good businessman will do the same.  Love me or hate me -- bahala ka na.  As for me, ayoko nang maulit itong pag-lagay-lagay...  I don't like getting involved with bribes.  Kaya we'll look for other ways nalang.

I just started selling magicjacks April this year.  And ngayon palang, frankly, mejo discouraged na ako to continue with it.  So, this last 50 pieces we imported might be the last 50 units we'll sell.  Wag naman sana...  really...  I'm fervently hoping wag naman sana though.  We'll still look for ways.

So having said the whole story, I'm sincerely hoping you'll understand that we'll be raising the prices for the MagicJack.  We'll now sell magicJacks for Php 3,200 each para makabawi lang kami ng konti sa losses namin with the customs.  For new customers, this will be effective immediately.

Siyempre, sulit parin naman ang magicJack kahit at that price.  Imagine, makagamit ka lang ng 30mins a day this year, parang 0.30 per minute lang ang tawag mo to USA and Canada.  And mas matagal mong gamitin, mas sulit diba? =)

Pero for preferred previous customers like you (and those who will be receiving this email), we'll be extending the old price until December 7, 2009Your referrals, friends or relatives can also enjoy this old price of Php 3,000 a piece until December 7, Monday.  Basta sabihin lang nila sa akin na friend nila kayo, and may records naman kami of your name dito.

So kung plano ninyo bumili ng extra isa or dalawa pang magicjacks, or maybe kung gusto ninyo magregalo for Christmas -- or kung may kilala kayo na feeling ninyo na gusto din bumili -- this would be the best time for you to get your extra units.

And of course, if you need help with anything about your magicjack (delivery concerns, installation concerns, technical support or otherwise), just like before, I'd be happy to be of service to you.  Just give me a call =) (02) 215-6593 or 09175102258 to order.

At least nasabihan kita before we implement the price increase for you.  This is one of my ways of saying thanks to a very good customer like youI just wanna tell you how much I really appreciate you.  Really -- thank you very much!  It's really an honor and a pleasure to be of service to you.  I pray that more blessings come to you and your family.

Very sincerely yours,

Anthony Pena
magicjack distributor

mobile (philippines) 63.917.510.2258
office (philippines)
office (usa magicjack) 1.626.789.7055
email magicjack@phjack.com

This is the good part:  for old customers like you, we'll shoulder Air21 shipping expenses should you choose to avail it.  That's right -- free delivery tayo via Air21 until December 7 (if you want lang).  So pick up the phone and call me now at (02) 215-6593 or 09175102258 to order your magicjack now with free delivery!

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